By Robert Kirkman (story), Charlie Adlard (inks), Cliff Rathburn (colors)

Wow, this issue floored me. It totally wasn’t what I expected. In fact, I read it twice just to make sure *I* wasn’t the one going crazy. Normally, Walking Dead issues read extremely fast – almost too fast to justify the cover price. But like drug addicts, we readers flock back month after month because we just can’t stand waiting for the trade!

Well, this issue reads very evenly and is rewarding as hell. Charlie Adlard does a nice job keeping the visuals interesting when it could easily have gone down the mundane path. Some may feel the story is stumbling along after the recent events of issue #48 (I was one of them), but I think this issue is very revealing on just how bad things have gotten for Rick and Carl.

It’s like a really messed up version of that movieYou’ve Got Mail. Oh, Kirkman, how you love to toy with your characters (and audience). Seriously though, this is one of those issues people will debate for weeks or months over. Are the phone conversations real or partly real? If they’re real (up until a certain point), who was on the other end? Carl’s reactions to it all seem convincing, but could he hear what was being said?

It’s crazy and it’ll drive you crazy, too. You’ll probably also read it twice like me, looking for the point where things might have gone horribly wrong.

Maybe it’s the antibiotics. (Grade: A)

– J. Montes

A Second Opinion


I realize that things have been bad for Rick and Carl, but the latest installment really drives the point home. If you have been a little bit let down by the aftermath of #48, this issue should put all fears to rest that the series has lost its way. The storytelling is fantastic and the strange revelation is most likely going to stick with you until Kirkman reveals his hand about the true nature of the telephone conversations. A great read all around. (Grade: A)

-Kyle Posluszny