By Brad Meltzer (writer), Adam Kubert and Joe Kubert (pencils), John Dell (inks), Alex Sinclair (colors)

I knew DC Comics would “get back at us” after giving us DC Universe #0 for 50 cents. At $3.99 you get 32 pages of story, but dammit, it’s just outrageous and these companies keep hitting this price point more and more. Keep the damn glossy covers and just keep it at $2.99. That goes for you guys at Marvel and your cardstock Secret Invasion covers, too! This is out just of control folks. If it’s a 32 page story, make us pay 50 cents more.

As for the book…

Welcome back Adam Kubert! Ever since he and his brother went over to DC, helpings of their artwork have been scarce. Here, Adam unloads his talent and draws nothing but beautiful pages. If anything, it shows us how much his work is missed.

And Brad Meltzer’s story? I’m pretty impressed! Even in an hour of darkness, a “C-List” hero manages to overcome the tragic destiny he’s been given and gains redemption not just for himself, but his fallen sister as well. It’s actually quite a triumph of a story with a master plan that goes horribly wrong for all the right reasons (if that makes sense). To say more will give it all away, but wow, I really dug this story. Meltzer does a great job keeping the main plot on course while delving into the lives of other heroes as they deal with their last night on Earth.

We get glimpses of DC’s other big characters, they all take a back seat to the plot against Deathstroke. So yes, you’ll get your brief glimpses at Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman, but none of their appearances feel forced (though there’s no denying they’re obligatory). And who better to illustrate these sequences than Joe Kubert, himself. Hopefully this isn’t his last hurrah through the DC Universe for Joe, but if it is, I’ll consider this a treat. For Joe Kubert’s artwork alone, this book is worth its bloated cover price. Luckily, the story and art delivers, too. (Grade: A-)

– J. Montes