By Mark Millar (writer), Steve McNiven (pencils), Dexter Vines (inks), Morry Hollowell (colors)

At last, we get to see the Spider-Mobile in real action. Sure, Wolverine and Hawkeye have taken it off a cliff and brought it through some rugged encounters, but when you see it doing what it was made for, you’ll be nothing but smiles. With this issue, Wolverine inches ever so closer to losing his pacified status, and honestly, that turned me off a bit. For the record, nothing aggressive has officially been done yet, but there’s a hint that we may see it coming sooner than later. I’m hoping those claws don’t pop out at all during this run; I want to see a different side of Wolverine and I want to see him stay true to his convictions. Will it last? Probably not, but it’ll be entertaining to see how much crap he can take.

What’s there left to say about Steve McNiven that hasn’t already been said. He delivers the goods again (along with his supporting art team), and this defeated world is brought to life by the details he instills in every panel. The covers are probably the only instance where this run has failed (in my opinion). They’re too pedestrian, too bland and there’s no excitement that screams, “Pick me up!” Like Logan, it feels a bit neutered. Thankfully, the innards reflect none of that.

Hawkeye, once again, steals the show, but it’s his daughter who ups the ante in the end. There’s a lot to be said of this future – it’s the wild west – and its citizens are as ruined and savage as the landscape. What started out as Unforgiven-inspired has quickly moved into Road Warrior territory. And if you know Road Warrior, we’re in for some intense action.

At least I know why she’s called Spider-Bitch now. (Grade: B+)

– J. Montes