By Mike Carey (Writer), Scot Eaton (Pencils), Andrew Hennessey (Inker), and Frank D’Armata (Colorist), Marco Checchetto (Pencils and Inks) and Jean-Francois Beaulieu (Colorist)

I’m writing this review capsule-style not because this one isn’t worth talking about, but because saying too much would ruin all the great things waiting for X-Men fans.

First off, a round of applause to Mike Carey for successfully managing to fit three distinct, intertwining storylines into a single issue without sacrificing the quality of any of them. While the bulk of X-Men: Legacy concerns a tense (long due) confrontation between Professor Xavier and Cyclops, Carey also manages to make great strides with the Hellfire Club plot and the return of Rogue. My only concern is that the stories being developed will be rushed through or tossed aside to make way for the Wolverine: Origins and X-Men: Legacy crossover due to begin fairly soon.

Secondly, hats off to the art teams for some absolutely gorgeous visuals. Eaton’s team has never been stronger and the Rogue sections offer a different, but appropriately distinct style that works perfectly for the story being developed.

If you haven’t noticed by now, I really enjoyed the latest book and consider it to be the strongest one yet. X-Men fans, consider it a must read. (Grade: A)

-Kyle Posluszny