By Edmund Shern (story), Kai and Jennyson Rosero (art), Yina Goh (colors)

This is one of the rare instances where the interiors of a Radical comic fail to meet up with the standards presented on the cover. I’m disappointed with this second issue. The storytelling is almost incomprehensible at times due to the muddled artwork. In fact, most of the art in this issue feels very rushed. It’s hard to follow the action or even figure out who’s who at times. Part of the problem is the lack of backgrounds. Because of this, there’s no frame of reference to let us know where the setting is. The other problem is the introduction of what will be Zee’s antagonist. We don’t see his face until midway through the book and when we finally see it, it’s a bit confusing. Had his face been shown earlier in the book it would have been easier to follow this story along.

The story jumps around quite a bit and under a more capable artist, things might have been executed better. As it is, Freedom Formula #2 is disappointing. The art team Kai and Jennyson Rosero definitely have a good grip on camera angles and storytelling, but little of that talent is shown in this issue. It’s rushed, lazily drawn, and relies too much on Yina Goh’s coloring to get by. Even the lettering and word bubble placement by Stanley Ong is poorly handled (see The Rev’s delivery of dialogue). Here’s hoping things improve, because I want to enjoy this series. The story (when you can follow it), is actually quite good. (Grade: D+)

– J. Montes