By Jason Aaron (story), Jefte Palo (art)

This is probably the best Secret Invasion tie-in I’ve read. It doesn’t add a thing to the mythos like the Avengers books, nor does it play heavily with the main series. But making Wakanda a primary target thanks to its Vibranium gives the story a purpose. Black Panther gets a chance to show off his leadership prowess here, commanding his troops and doing some very impressive close quarter skirmishes with the Skrull invaders. The art fits the story’s darkned spirit with the harsh use of blacks heightening the drama of war. The only thing I hated? Ororo being played as a chump.

Come on now.

I know a lot of other heroes in the Marvel Universe have been duped by these Skrull happenings, but the way she’s duped is just awful (and almost as stupid as Logan not killing Mystique *ahem*). Having Ororo be a damsel in distress is a cop out. How could the former leader of the X-Men be played so easily? It’s just plain stupid. But hey, you can’t win them all. Pick this one up for the battles and just to know why Black Panther is such a bad ass. (Grade: A-)

– J. Montes