By Brian Reed (writer), Marco Santucci (pencils), Mark Pennington (inks)

The best word to describe this series? Obligatory.

I’m a fan of Brian Reed (love his Ms. Marvel work) and I actually have been enjoying Brand New Day. But this book serves as nothing more than to tell fans, “Hey, Brand New Day is part of the Marvel Universe!”. And then Brian Reed goes on to prove it.

The Skrulls attack New York and the Daily Bugle staff is caught in the middle of it. Spider-Man isn’t even in this book because (surprise, surprise) he’s in the Savage Land with the rest of the Avengers! This seemingly leaves Jackpot around as the only person who can save the day. The story is pretty silly and all the events seem trite or forced. Without its flagship character, the book is souless, because let’s be honest, the supporting cast isn’t enough to carry this book. If I wanted stories about newspaper reporters and Skrull invaders I’d just as well read Frontline – which I am – which is a superior book.

This book adds nothing to the overall Secret Invasion storyline, nor does it have a compelling plot. Save your money. Avoid this one or just wait for the trade if you must. I’m sure the real Spider-Man will show up eventually. (Grade: D)

– J. Montes