Ryan Schifrin (Creator), Larry Hama (Writer), Tim Seeley (Pencils), and Nick Bell (Colors)

I enjoyed the introductory Spooks mini-series quite a bit. While a little over-the-top at times and inconsistent visually, it accomplished the goal of doing enough things right to make me interested in what an ongoing Spooks series would have to offer. Turns out, it has quite a bit to offer as long as you don’t take it too seriously.

The Omega Team is an elite military unit specifically tuned to deal with supernatural, off the record threats. In this case, the target is Lilithu, queen of the night and she has done something to both U.S. rangers and members of the Iraqi Royal Guard. While I don’t want to spoil anything here, let me just say that the discovery of what exactly happened to the missing people leads to lots of action, some (borderline corny) humorous dialogue, and plot developments that lead me to believe this debut storyline won’t wrap up for at least a few more issues. The thing that strikes me the most about Omega Team is that it clearly isn’t taking things too seriously and that “summer blockbuster” vibe keeps me from being too critical at this point in the game.

The biggest compliment I can give Larry Hama and his art team is noticing that they definitely have a vision for what type of book Omega Team is going to be. While it doesn’t look as though it will rise above “monster of the month” level of storytelling anytime soon, that doesn’t make things any less enjoyable. The action is clever, the visuals are quite attractive, and the characters could turn out to be fairly unique (though Bettina definitely looks like a buff version of Cassie Hack, another Seeley project). Eventually, this series is going to have to aim a bit higher if it hopes to avoid getting stale, but for the time being it’s best to just strap in and enjoy the ride. (Grade: B)

-Kyle Posluszny