By James Robinson, Renato Guedes, Wilson Magalhaes, Hi-Fi

This Atlas storyline keeps getting better and better. Not since his original bout with Doomsday have I seen Superman take such a beating. It’s a brutal battle and Atlas continues to display that he is a foe not to be taken lightly. Perhaps the only thing that’s keeping this new villain from being more interesting is his true motivation. Sure, it’s been explained he’s a basically a conqueror, but it’s also clear that he’s being manipulated behind the scenes. Until this is all explained it’s going to be hard to gauge where this guy falls in Superman’s rogue gallery (or even if he belongs there!).

In the meantime, James Robinson and Renato Guedes are pulling out all the stops to make this one hell of a storyline. But what makes this issue such a blast to read culminates on the very last page; it made me laugh, gasp, and cheer all at once. This arc is a proof that there’s plenty of good Superman stories left to be told. Keep it up, Mr. Robinson! (Grade: A)

– J. Montes