By Jay Faerber (Writer), Mahmud A. Asrar (Art), and Ron Riley (Colors)

I got hooked on the Dynamo 5 series by reading the first two trades. Realizing I couldn’t possibly wait months for the next book, I started hunting for the individual issues. Now, a few months later, I have come to the realization that Dynamo 5 is simply better read as a trade.

First off, let me just say that there is nothing technically wrong with the latest issue of Dynamo 5. The “new” team is entertaining, the artwork is fantastic, and the always reliable Jay Faerber continues to write impressively well-rounded characters. The problem is that when considered alongside the last few installments, it becomes apparent that very little has actually happened since the team disbanded months ago. Tower City is still a mess, the Dynamo kids are still at odds with one another, and I find myself wondering if maybe the creators are beginning to run out of steam. While I have no doubt that the team will eventually get back together, I am beginning to wonder if I’ll even care at that point. Sure, there are a few plot threads that continue to hold my interest, but currently the story is severely lacking momentum.

If you have been buying the series as it comes out, as I have, you might just want to pick this one up as well. It is a fun read and actually moves the plot forward a little bit (not enough, but still…). All others would be better off just waiting till this arc is collected into one book. I have a feeling it will be much more entertaining that way. (Grade: C)

-Kyle Posluszny