By David Lapham (writer/artist), Lee Loughridge (colors), Jared K. Fletcher (letters), Angela Rufino (asst. editor), Shelly Bond (editor)

5 Reasons why David Lapham’s Young Liars #7 gets a C-

5. Violence. Lots of violence. From a straw getting shoved into a guy’s eye, to a panel of a little girl blasting an adult in the face with a magnum, this issue is mindlessly entertaining.

4. A mother getting porked on the table as her daughter watches on while sipping on a dead fly’s blood seems like it’s trying too hard to be outrageous and !@#%^ed up.

3. More crowded panels with lame lyrics that accompany mediocre dialogue.

2. An introduction to an uninteresting and sorry sci-fi story about spiders invading Earth by crawling into humans’ mouths.

1. Another comic book you shamelessly pick up only because it has David Lapham’s name on it.

(Grade: C-)

– Ray Hilario

A Second Opinion

After the craziness that we were treated to with last issue, I was beginning to believe that Sadie may not be so insane. Maybe there really are really aliens out there. I mean, with all the insanity being offered by David Lapham on a monthly basis, why not have some aliens in Young Liars?

As it turns out, there are aliens – and this book has officially become the weirdest, most morbid title on the stands today. I don’t know if it deserves Twin Peaks praise or if I should roll my eyes and laugh at the absurdity. One thing is for certain, however: I’ll be picking this book up next month because I gotta see where this whole thing goes. It’s just too messed up of a storyline to ignore. And for the first time in my career as a critic, I have no idea how to grade this book. (Grade: ?)

– J. Montes