By Timothy Truman (Writer), Tomas Giorello & Richard Corben (Art), and Jose’ Villarubia (Colors)

Now this is more like it! While I enjoyed the first two issues of this series, I was a bit let down by the way in which Conan was sort of pushed by the wayside in favor of the extremely compelling, horror-tinged tale of Conacht. While (somewhat surprisingly) Conacht returns this month to star in another tale, Conan is featured much more prominently and does, well, what I always figured Conan was supposed to do.

While traveling through icy, dangerous terrain on the way back to Cimmeria, Conan has a chance-encounter with a childhood friend, Caollan. The reunion doesn’t exactly go as Conan had hoped and the two quickly find themselves fighting off an angry band of Aesir that was hunting down Caollan for abandoning a wedding arrangement. Some action and a daring escape later, the two find themselves taking refuge in a cave where Conan tells a tale about Conacht while the Aesir prepare to escalate the hunt.

I really can’t say enough about the creative team working on this series, as they provide us a compelling issue that manages to find a nice balance between the main Conan story and the adventures of Connacht. Timothy Truman’s writing is spot on for this type of book and it delivers just what I had hoped for when I decided to start reading about Conan. The storytelling has a classic feel to it, the darkly humorous dialogue is entertaining, and the introduction of Conacht helps to keep things from getting stale. As for the art, both distinct styles (one for Conan and one for Conacht) do a fantastic job elevating the stories being told. Tomas Giorella really brings Conan’s gritty environment to life, while Richard Corben gives Conacht’s story a surreal, unnerving tone that makes me think that his tale may once again dabble in the horror genre. Both artists are complimented by some fantastic color work by Jose’ Villarubia.

What else can I say? I really enjoyed the latest issue of Conan the Cimmerian, and I think you will too. While I wish there was a bit more substance to the overall plot at this point, I can’t act as though I have not been thoroughly entertained. Another strong issue from what looks to be a strong series. (Grade: B+)

– Kyle Posluszny

A Second Opinion

This book is definitely worth checking out simply because it stands out from other comics. It’s one of the few good sword and sorcery books, and it somehow manages to carry a horror tone as well– thus making it a distinguishable book of its genre. From swords and barbarians to blood rituals, you might want to consider peeking through this book.

My only complaint is that it’s still tough to see where things are going. Conan’s returning home to Cimmeria, but why? Conan’s fought raiders, saved a childhood friend and presses on deeper into his homeland. But so far there’s no villain, no Thulsa Doom, or the like with an evil plot to foil. Conan the drifter is fine, and definitely works in the context of this story. But sooner or later I think I’ll want to see him pushing towards a goal rather than killing raider after raider. And for the record, Conan, Conacht, and Caollan– just because you’re a god-dang Cimmerian, it doesn’t mean your name has to start with the letter “C.” (Grade: B+)

-Ben Berger