By Bill Willingham and Judd Winick (writers), Rick Leonardi (pencils), Carl Story and Dan Green (inks), Alex Bleyaert (colors)

Within the first 10 pages, I thought this book would be a complete disaster. Superheroes and politics is something rarely mixed in the comic book field, but with the abnormally hot political climate brewing this election year, it comes as no surprise that a publisher would try to capitalize on the situation. Hell, even Erik Larsen did it with Savage Dragon (posting big sales numbers to boot).

Sadly, this book has no Barrack Obama or John McCain – not even anyone sharing the two candidates’ likenesses. Instead, this is more of a broad study on what would happen if superheroes decided to endorse politicians in general. There is a bigger plot at work here, however: someone is mind controlling those close to the candidates and turning them into suicide bombers. It’s fallen upon the Justice League to get to the bottom of this mystery while playing bodyguard to all those running for election. But when superheroes and politics collide, it’s shown just how easily influenced the American public is when Green Arrow haphazardly endorses a candidate he’s chosen to babysit.

Yes, Green Arrow is the whipping boy and the way Judd Winick and Bill Willingham write his predicament make me loathe the character. I can see someone like Guy Gardner screwing up on a scale this big (and he will next issue), but making this happen to Green Arrow does nothing but make a mockery of the character. I’m in complete agreement with Hal Jordan when he says, “Ollie, you damned fool.” Is Green Arrow so stupid that he can’t handle a trashy news journalist?

What a tool.

As much as I hate how the writers handled this situation, the themes being addressed are undeniably fascinating. Now I’m interested to see what happens when other heroes get involved in the political arena. Will Superman stay neutral? Will Batman endorse anyone? This should be interesting. (Grade: B)

– J. Montes