By Brian Bendis (story), Jim Cheung (pencils), John Dell and Jay Leisten (inks), Justin Ponsor (colors)

I initially wasn’t too thrilled with this issue as it just felt like a (very) simple recap of House of M mainly involving Spider-Woman (with a dash of Henry Pym). I felt that if you want to do this right, frankly, one issue just isn’t enough to cover the complete effects this event had on the Skrull invasion. But by the end of the issue I concluded that there isn’t much more to say. Basically, this tale only exists to give continuity Secret Invasion. If that’s the point, it easily could have been dealt with in a few pages – not an entire issue. I say this because what happens near the end of the book is much more important and relevant to Skrull history.

Annihilation was an event that, in my opinion, eclipsed Civil War as a story and in overall ramifications. Civil War sold more copies and grabbed a bigger audience thanks to being grounded on Earth and containing most of the mainstream Marvel characters. But Annihilation took place on a universal scale, putting billions – even trillians of lives at stake. The effects of this galactic event has literally reshaped the universe and it’s gratifying to finally see it addressed here – even if it’s just for two pages. Instead of all this House of M stuff, I’d rather see Brian Bendis tackle the ramifications the Annihilation Wave had on the Skrull empire. Because, not only did billions die, but whole planets were destroyed.

Sorry for the tangent, but yes, the last couple of pages of this book, as miniscule as they are, gave this story more relevance. It just would have been nice to see more than a reaction from the Skrull Queen. If this sounds like a book you should skip, it probably is. Nothing shown here really adds to the Secret Invasion story – it just ties up loose ends. But if you want to see some gorgeous Jim Cheung artwork, you may want to add this book to your collection. The choice is yours. (Grade: C+)

-J. Montes