By James Robinson (writer), Renato Guedes (pencils), Wilson Magalhaes (inks), Hi-Fi (colors)

I am gushing over this book. And while its ending comes abruptly, it’s easily one of my favorite stories of the year. It’s Krypto versus Atlas and boy, does this dog know how to hold his turf!

It’s a brutal fight. Anyone who’s been attacked by a dog may cringe and anyone who loves their dog will want to hug him/her after reading this. Me? I couldn’t believe what I was reading and seeing. I think I laughed out loud five or six times over the course of the reading just from the visuals alone!

A titan among super villains being owned by a pooch? Say it ain’t so! Krypto being punched in the face? Good lord!  James Robinson pours tons of nobility and hilarity into Krypto as he fights for his defeated owner. This gives time for Superman to regroup and figure out a way to defeat Atlas. His solution is a smart one, but the way the book closes is just too abrupt for my tastes.

I’m hoping this isn’t the end of the Atlas story arc, but something tells me he’s done for. As for Krypto, he needs to be in more Superman books. What he does here is just too much fun. This is the Old Yeller of superhero comics and not to be missed. The art is excellent and the story is simple and fun-filled. What’s not to like? (Grade: A-)

– J. Montes