By Robert Kirkman (writer), Charlie Adlard (artist), Cliff Rathburn (colors)

The Story: The Walking Dead comes full circle (sort of) with the return to familiar surroundings – Rick, Michonne, and Karl are all back on Herschel’s farm. The characters have a brief reunion, catching up on events while dwelling on bad decisions they’ve made. Before they know it, they’re paid a visit by some new faces and once again the book is turned upside down.

What’s Good: While the farm isn’t completely safe, it offers the characters time to unwind and interact with meaningful discussions. The topic of traumatic experiences is explored which finally leads to Rick and Michonne coming to terms with their personality disorders. Robert Kirkman also drops a huge bomb at the end of the book – one (if you’ve kept up with what the man has said in the past), I’d never thought I’d see happen.  Don’t worry, it’s not aliens.

What’s Bad: It took the survivors this long to figure out that noise (not to mention gunfire) attracts zombies?

Conclusion: Last month I applauded the series refinding its footing and getting back on track. Now it looks to be headed in a whole different direction. This is a most welcomed direction and one fans have been dying to see explored. The added bonus of Kirkman addressing Michonne’s disorder seals the deal. This is a must buy issue.

Grade: A

– J. Montes