The Comics Podcast Theme Event returns for the full month of October!

By Peter Rios

WCBR has teamed up with the comic book podcasting community to present a special event. With US Presidential elections right around the corner, over 20 comic podcasts will be joining together to feature episodes dedicated to the topic of Politics in Comics! Each podcast will approach the topic from their own unique perspective touching on everything from Prez the Teenage President to a look at political manga to Fredric Wertham’s crusade against comics. It’s a collaboration around a single theme presented to inform, entertain, spotlight history and hopefully, stir up debate and discussion. So enjoy all that the Comics Podcast Theme Event has to offer and hopefully you’ll find a new comic to read or maybe even a new podcast to listen to every week. Thanks for listening and for more information please visit the following podcasts:

Amazing Spider-Cast

Around Comics
Ep. 203 – Politics in Comics

Election Day is approaching and Around Comics is talking politics. Chris and Tom are joined by small press publisher Sarah Becan and comics creator Hilary Barta in a discussion about politics in comics and other entertainment media. Politics have been a part of comics since their inception. We talk about their influence in Captain America, Pogo, Hulk, Howard the Duck, small press comics, mainstream comics and more. Continue the conversation at on our forum, and don’t forget to check out Chicago’s finest comics convention The Windy City Comicon at

Catch the Craze
Ep. 130 – Politics in Comics

This week on Catch Da Craze Podcast, Co-Host James Rodriguez joins Sam Da Crazee Man on an interesting discussion on politics in comics. Please note that the views and opinions are individual based and are not for the purpose to persuade others.

Collected Comics Library
CCL #190 – Politics In Comics – Superman: The Dark Knight

This October many Comic Book Podcasts are joining up and featuring the theme of Politics In Comics. The CCL is no exception and is happy to participate. But as a solo podcaster, it’s hard to debate myself, so I had to dig into the Library and find a suitable book that covers both government and superheroes. I found it in the classic/must read Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller. But instead of focusing in on Batman, I reached for another angle and that is Superman and his role with the current United States administration. It’s a perspective of the book that I think you’ll find it very insightful and force you to look at it differently then you have in the past.

Comic Book Roadshow

Comic Geek Speak
Episode 526: Spotlight on DC’s Prez, First Teen President

It’s a spotlight on DC’s swinging 70s New Flower Party candidate PREZ, First Teen President! From battling the great great great great grand nephew of George Washington, playing pingpong with Mao Tse Tung, to vampire’s attacking the White House, it’s a look at a character created as social and political commentary with all the brilliant craziness of the 70s.

Comic News Insider

Comic Related

Comic Timing

Dafixer’s Hideout

DC Noise


Geek Nights
081015 – Political Manga

Tonight on GeekNights we make our contribution to politics in comics month with an episode about political manga. We mostly discuss First President of Japan, Sanctuary, and Eagle. In the news, we are probably finally going to rock Anime Boston ’09, and Studio Ghibli’s DS game is off the hook

Geek Syndicate

Geeks Unite
Episode 35
In a two part discussion, Raph and Juan talk about the two candidates, discuss personal politics, a little bit of the current financial crisis and who we support. In the 2nd half, we get back into Raph’s comfort zone and talk DC Decisions, Superman Annual #3, Superman: Red Son and the level of reality comics can attain, and what it can’t do.

Indie Spinner Rack

Just Bill’s Comic Book Drawerbox

Kwok Talk
Episode #102
SHORT DESCRIPTION: In a special episode in conjunction with many other comic podcasts, we’re participating in the Comics Podcast Theme Event: Politics in Comics! And in true Kwok Talk nature, it’s a completely useless list of the Top 5 Super Villains I would want as president in a time of crisis. And if you’re still around after that, we quickly hit up Bloc Party’s latest album, Intimacy, and Feeding Frenzy 2 (Xbox 360)

Major Spoilers
MSP#44: Politics in Comics

SHORT DESCRIPTION:  This week on the show, the Major Spoilers crew examines politics in comics.  Dr. Peter Coogan returns to talk about the Seduction of the Innocent and Fredric Wertham’s campaign of the 1950’s, while Matthew, Rodrigo, and Stephen take a look at superheroes as politicians when they review ExMachina Vol. 1

Podcasting After Dark


Radio Wayne

ReAnimators Podcast
Episode 12 – Politically In-Correct
An international look at how games have been banned by governments, weakened and pussified ours and upcoming generations, and how games can fight back.  Brought to you by some animators who have worked on a slew of comic book video games.

Two True Freaks!
Political Season Special Pt.1: Hail To The Chiefs, Baby!!
Chris and Scott discuss the Presidencies of two of comicdom’s most iconic characters — Captain America and Superman!! Marvel and DC Super-Heroes as Presidents of the United States!!

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