By Ryan Schifrin (Creator), Larry Hama (Writer), Adam Archer (Pencils & Colors), and Nick Bell (Colors)

The Story: The Spooks team follows the trail of the demon queen, Lilithu, all the way to Istanbul and comes face to face with another powerful demon, the Lord of the Flies. Action, violence, and witty remarks rule the day as the team tries to stop two ancient entities from regaining power.

What’s Good: Spooks succeeds almost entirely on concept alone. I say this because it’s difficult to criticize something that I’m having so much fun with. Despite some very obvious flaws (which I will get to in a moment), this book is everything an action-horror comic should be.

The action is fast-paced, the violence delivers for gore-hounds, and good use is made of some very old source material. Definitely a fun read for fans of the genre.

What’s Not So Good: This series seems to be suffering from an identity crisis. The team gives off an almost buddy-comedy vibe, yet the myths and artwork are straight-up horror. I have no problem with mixing genres, but Spooks seems to be lacking the balance needed to pull that off.

The team interaction comes off as silly more often then not, yet some of the images and scenarios are downright nightmarish. Instead of blending these elements into something special, they clash in an uncomfortable fashion.

Conclusion: This series is a lot of fun and is built off of a great concept. That said, it definitely has a few growing pains to work through. Fans of action or horror will eat this up, but I doubt it will create any converts.

Grade: B-

-Kyle Posluszny