By Geoff Johns (writer), George Perez (pencils), Scott Koblish (inks), Hi-Fi (colors)

The Story: The Legion of Super Villains gains the help of Modru and commence their attack on Superman and the Legion of Superheroes!. Rond, the last remaining Green Lantern makes the ultimate sacrifice as he buys his teammates time to escape. Meanwhile, Brainiac 5 attempts to bring the Legion teams of three different worlds together in hopes of evening the odds.

What’s Good? Not surprisingly, all the Green Lantern related stuff is excellent. Rond is a heroic and kick ass character to see in action, and the final page throws the story for a bit of a loop. The story and its subplots are balanced perfectly and capped off by some intense and beautiful panel work by George Perez.

Superboy is a character people love to hate and it’s proven over and over why; his tenacity, animosity, and awful attitude are all on display. The debate over whether he should be redeemed or killed is hotly debated and answered in a decisive way. This guy needs to die… horribly!

What’s Not So Good? The opening pages will be very confusing to those who know little about the DC Universe or the Legion of Superheroes. If you can get past these pages the rest of the story begins to come together. I don’t know much about Modru, but the villains and heroes are pretty intimidated by his presence. Yet, there’s not enough of his personality (or viciousness) shown to convince me otherwise. He’s good at making threats though.

This book also needs more Superman!

Conclusion: At first, I didn’t think I’d enjoy this issue, but that quickly turned around as Geoff Johns’ script began to connect the dots. Those who thought the first issue was full of too much exposition will most likely be much more pleased with this second installment.

Grade: A-

– J. Montes