By Brian Michael Bendis (story), Khoi Pham (pencils), Danny Miki and Allen Martinez (inks), Dean White and Paul Mounts (colors)

The Story: The Skrulls have a bunch of sleeper agents on Earth just waiting for the right time to be awoken. Among these sleeper agents is Captain Marvel and perhaps another Kree soldier, Noh-Varr. After he discovers the true nature for his return to Earth Mar-vell wrestles with his conflicted personality. Does he go with the brainwashing he received and take the mantle of the Captain Marvel persona, or does he follow the orders of the Skrull empire?

What’s Good? The visual use of storytelling takes front and center with Khoi Pham leading the charge. He not only manages to deliver on Brian Bendis’ script, but also produces many striking images as well.

After the initial set up of the opening pages the book goes for a non-stop ride until the tragic finish. It’s very tempting to skip over Mar-Vell’s inner monologue and be whisped away be Pham’s art, but to do so would deny the yourself of the turmoil he faces.

It’s also been a while since a lettering job has really wowed me. Dave Lanphear’s work on this issue is some of the best I’ve seen in a long time. It’s an exhibition of sound effects and it makes the action much more gratifying.

What’s Not So Good? If you’ve been reading Secret Invasion, you already know the outcome of this story. Also, the lack of dialogue and a lack of a more beefier story will upset some readers who plucked down their $2.99.

Conclusion: This is essentially issue #6 of last year’s Captain Marvel mini-series from Brian Reed. And that, by no means is a bad thing. Even though this is the end of a character, the last page shows a seed that will mostly likely germinate from the ashes.

Grade: B

– J. Montes