By Phil Hester (Writer), Michael Broussard (Pencils), Ryan Winn (Inks), and Sheldon Mitchell (Colors)

The Story: After embracing the Darkness in order to survive being blown to bits, Jackie Estacado faces off against his child, a being borne of nothing but pure Darkness. It is a battle of revenge-fueled rage versus primal, ancient evil as the Empire arc comes to an explosive conclusion.

What’s Good: Pretty much everything. Jackie Estacado continues to be one of the most compelling comic characters around, and this issue of The Darkness is a prime example of why. For a book that focuses almost entirely on the action, this one has a surprising amount of depth. And as far as action is concerned, it doesn’t get much better than this. The epic battle is visually stunning, full of entertaining banter, and it all resolves in a surprisingly clever fashion.

Phil Hester does a fantastic job laying the groundwork necessary to give this battle some emotional impact, and the payoff hits all the right notes. It plays off everything that makes The Darkness such an entertaining series. The main character is at his best, the artwork is better than ever, and the Darkness (both the power and the nature of it) is given a chance to shine.

What’s Not So Good: For as much as I enjoy Phil Hester’s writing, it comes across as a bit melodramatic or pretentious from time to time. His style works to great effect for the most part, but every once in a while a phrase will pop up that elicits a roll of the eyes. It is as if he is trying too hard to add weight to the story.

Conclusion: The Darkness #6 is easily one of the strongest issues of the long-running series. It is sure to please fans and action-junkies alike. Highly recommended in every way.

Grade: A-

-Kyle Posluszny