By Tim Seeley (Writer), Emily Stone (Art), Courtney Via (Colors), Stefano Caselli (Intro Pencils), Sunder Raj (Intro Colors), and Sam Wells (Journal Entries)

The Story: A re-print of the very first issue of the Hack/Slash ongoing series, this “Halloween Treat” is an origin tale loaded with special features. In addition to the the full #1 issue, the book features a peek into Cassie’s diary (useful for catching up on some Hack/Slash history), a “slasher” checklist,” and more.

The origin tale is told as Cassie is bound to a chair and tortured while her skinless captor assesses her psychological state and how she came to hunt down “slashers.” If you ever wanted to know about Cassie’s family, her first meeting with Vlad, or how she became the character she currently is, this is the place to look.

What’s Good: This is how you make a re-print worthwhile for both new and current readers. The #1 issue alone is worth the price of admission thanks to a smart, compelling plot scenario and great artwork, but the special features are what push this one into must-buy territory.

What’s Not So Good: There is no denying that Cassie’s past follows a very familiar trajectory. For a series that succeeds in differentiating itself from the more conventional hero stories, the origin of Cassie is surprisingly predictable. Also, on a more personal note, this re-print made me realize how much I miss Stefano Caselli’s Hack/Slash work.

Conclusion: A perfectly executed re-print, Hack/Slash #1: Halloween Treat is a must have for fans and a great read for those that have yet to give the series a shot.

Grade: B+

-Kyle Posluszny