By Timothy Truman (writer) Tomas Giorello and Rochard Corben (art), Jose Villarrubia (colorist)

The Story: Conan and his childhood crush, Caollan, must battle through Horsa’s horde of undead soldiers. If they live through the battle Caollan wishes to return to her village in hopes that she can be accepted back into the fold. Conan has his doubts but nonetheless shows willingness to accompany her. Meanwhile, Connacht deals with some awful priests that sacrifice innocent civilians as offerings to their god.

What’s Good? The art is strong with both stories. Connacht’s story is once again the superior and more engaging story. The art and coloring also do a good job of bringing out the forboding atmosphere that Conan’s grandfather dwells in. Great visual storytelling.

What’s Not So Good? Is there a reason why all these Cimmerians have names that start with “C”?

Also, I’m still not sure why we need to see stories about Connacht. As much as I enjoy them, it’s completely upstaging and disrupting the flow of Conan’s story. Four issues into this series and Conan’s story hasn’t gone anywhere. You might as well just rename this book Connacht The Cimmerian, because Conan’s story has been a yawn fest!

Conclusion: House of Mystery has suffers from the same problem – there’s just not enough pages to tell two stories without one being crippled. Conan’s story is going nowhere while at the same time we’re already on Connact’s second tale.

That’s just not right.

Tim Truman needs to make up his mind and give this book an identity. At this point I’m just going to wait for the trade or stop reading all together.

Grade: C-