By Grant Morrison (story), JG Jones & Carlos Pacheco (pencils), Jesus Merino (inks), Alex Sinclair (colors)

The Story: The Anti-Life Equation spirals through all broadcasted networks and within hours anyone in contact with a phone, television, radio, or the Internet is afflicted with the contagion. It honestly feels like evil has finally prevailed. Yet, small pockets of hope exist. The remaining heroes of Earth use what’s left of their secret communications network to plan one final attack.

What’s Good? While Secret Invasion continues to lose steam, Final Crisis builds on its momentum. The revelation involving Darkseid’s legacy is a big deal and the way the climate and characters react is one of doom. In fact, the whole process of how Darkseid slowly reincarnates is perfectly paced as the heroes scramble to reorganize. We get a few heroic moments in the process, but the true shining semblance of hope comes from the endearing reunion between the two Flash characters.

What’s Not So Good? The book is still not completely accessible. I was lost here and there with all the different names being thrown out. And I know little to nothing about the Fourth World or the New Gods/Evil Gods, so yeah, you could count me among those who were lost (part of the time), but no where near as bad as the first two issues.

Also, the month long break that came between issues #3 and #4 does disrupt some of the series momentum, luckily it’s not too hard to get back into the story.

Conclusion: A solid issue with a story that almost seems to offer no sense of hope to its heroes. Is this as bad as it’ll get? There’s still three issues left, so we’ll see!

It’ll be interesting to see if and how the heroes of the DC Universe overcome this mess. Earth is really in the crapper right now.

Grade: B

– J. Montes