By Geoff Johns, James Robinson, and Sterling Gates (writers), Pete Woods, Gary Frank, and Renato Guedes (pencils), Jon Sibal and Wilson Magalhues (inks), Hi-Fi (colors)

The Story: Clark and his family deal with the emotional ramifications left by the Brainiac storyline. We’re taken to the funeral of Jonathan Kent and the grieving process Superman must go through. While this goes on, other events are taking place. Kandor is alive and bustling. Its residence are gaining the same powers as Superman, and the US Government is very uncomfortable with the possibility of Kryptonians flying all over the planet.

Superman’s allegiance is placed on the table. With Pa Kent gone, will he revert back to his Kryptonian heritage or will he stay true to his human upbringing?

What’s Good? This is probably the biggest and most profound Superman event to hit the DC Universe since his death. After years and years of boring or retreaded storylines, a huge paradigm shift has been made in the way Superman will be perceived and judged – not just by humans, but by his fellow Kryptonians as well. Jimmy Olson finally making a career move is a big deal and the recruitment of Lex Luthor by the US military punctuates the beginning of a huge storyline.

What The Hell? The Kryptonians get their powers and what’s the first thing they do? Kill a Blue Whale!

Conclusion: This is the best comic book released this week. This issue also marks the return of the “Triangle System” making the story easy to follow across all the Superman titles. The bad part is I’m going to have to buy all these titles just to be kept in the loop! But it’s all worth it for a more superior story, not to mention, tight continuity. It’s a great time to be a Superman fan and the perfect time for new readers to jump aboard.

Grade: A+

– J. Montes