By Joshua Hale Fialkov (Writer), Rick Mays (Pencils), Sal Regla (Inks), and Guru eFX (Colors)

The Story: Cyblade is a company-controlled assassin with mutant powers that is fighting to gain control of her will. She has been programmed to kill her latest target, the one man doing everything in his power to save her.

What’s Good: That the story holds some potential. Also, considering that it has been so long since the Top Cow: Pilot Season 0 issue, this book does a nice job getting the reader up to speed on what was missed or, possibly, forgotten.

What’s Not So Good: That everything about this book is average at best. The “conflicted assassin” plot is fairly generic at this point, but it can be made to be quite compelling if the storytelling or visuals make up for it. Unfortunately, that is not the case here.

Simply put, this book tries to be smarter than it actually is. The constant scene changes and simultaneous events taking place frustrate more than entertain. Had the visuals looked a bit more interesting I may have forgiven the lack of storytelling rhythm, but artistically I found everything extremely underwhelming and surprisingly inconsistent.

Conclusion: I could go on with a longer list of complaints, but it really isn’t worth my time. Cyblade #1 is easily one of the most disappointing and boring things I’ve read all year. That said, this one may be worth checking out in the future once it establishes itself a bit better (and gets a new artist). As it stands now though, it is utterly forgettable.

Grade: D-

-Kyle Posluszny