By Cary Bates (Writer), Paul Gulacy (Pencils and Inks), and Rain Beredo (Colors)

The Story: Payback lies unconscious after being caught in an explosion, so the rest of the True Believers spring into action. As Battalus and Red Zone pick up on the trail of a bio-weapon that Payback’s father had been working on, Payback remembers the events that made her choose the two men on her team.

What’s Good? True Believers succeeds because it feels truly unique when compared to all the other Marvel books out there. It has a compelling cast, appropriately moody artwork, and an edgy and surprise-filled storyline that simply couldn’t be used with any of the more established characters within the Marvel universe. Also, the stories about how Battalus and Red Zone joined the True Believers are almost worth the price of admission alone. They are quite entertaining and darkly humorous.

What’s Not So Good? With only one chapter left to go in this limited series, I have a feeling the conclusion may wind up being less than satisfying. There are many pieces of the puzzle that still need to fall in place and it is hard to tell whether all the threads will end up coming together well. Also worth mentioning is that the twist-filled plot leads me to believe this story will be a bit more satisfying when read as a trade.

Conclusion: I recommend this one for those looking for something a bit different from a Marvel book. That said, be sure to track down the previous three issues before checking out chapter four. The story is a bit dense and needs to be read from the start.

Grade: B

-Kyle Posluszny