By James Robinson (writer), Renato Guedes (pencils), Wilson Magalhaes (inks), David Curiel (colors)

The Story: Superman brings an envoy of Kryptonians to meet the President of the United States. In a perfect world he’d take them to the United Nations, but in this case, Superman wants his people to meet the leader of his country. Fair enough.

The whole world is abuzz after nearly 100,000 Kryptonians take flight with no knowledge (or courtesy to international air space). No one’s sure how to react, but there’s a definite sense of cautiousness coming from the superhero community. With so many negative encounters with other Kryptonians in the past, will the citizens of New Kypton follow down the same path? Are Superman and Supergirl (to some extent) the only “good eggs” in the basket?

The Good: Everything. Renato Guedes’ art seems to get better and better with every issue. There’s one scene in particular with people pointing to the horizon with a throng of Kryptonians flying over the Metropolis skyline that comes across as cinematic and even epic. Every page is a gem, and all of this is perfectly orchestrated by James Robinson’s script.

Oh yeah. The last page will blow your mind. This may be the biggest “Oh )#*@” moment of the year.

Sorely Lacking: This book needs more Krypto!

Conclusion: I haven’t read all the books from my weekly stash yet, but it’s going to be awfully tough to beat this issue. With the Superman titles getting better and better, these creators have got to hit a ceiling sooner or later. Hopefully it’s later.

Grade: A+

– J. Montes