By Matt Fraction (Writer), Doug Braithwaite (Artist), and Brian Reber (Color Art)

The Story: With the baby safely delivered as promised, Dr. Donald Blake returns to Asgard to find a Super-Skrull on the rampage. Blake soon touches the hammer and the Skrulls quickly find themselves on the defensive as Thor teams with Beta Ray Bill as they fight to restore peace to Asgard.

What’s Good: The conclusion to Thor’s Secret Invasion story proves that there is still a little bit of life left in the tired tie-in formula. The whole book aims for an epic feel and absolutely nails it. Matt Fraction’s writing gives the battle some much needed narrative weight, while Doug Braithwaite’s visuals (with color work by Brian Reber) prove to be a perfect compliment.

What’s Not So Good: For those that are completely sick of the Secret Invasion, there is little chance that this book is going to change any minds. It follows a fairly familiar formula and has very little impact on the larger scheme of things.

Conclusion: Secret Invasion: Thor #3 is pretty much everything you might expect from the title alone. That said, it proves to amount to more than the sum of it’s parts, thanks to the writing and artwork. It works for me, but it is far from essential.

Grade: B

-Kyle Posluszny