By Warren Ellis (Writer), Alan Davis (Pt. 1 Pencils), Mark Farmer (Pt. 1 Inks), Rob Schwager (Pt. 1 Colors), and Adi Granov (Pt. 2 Art)

The Story: The first issue of the Astonishing X-Men limited series consists of two “What-If?” styled stories about parallel universes that Subject X could have completed his mission in. The first story is set in a place very similar to the current Marvel universe, where it shows what might have happened if Subject X had succeeded in securing the universe for those he worked for. The second story is set in the Victorian styled Earth-889, and features the “X Society” working to solve a mysterious murder case.

What’s Good: Both stories are short and interesting reads that show a unique take on the situation featured in Astonishing X-Men. Seeing a familiar face used as a power source for a Sentinel was definitely something new. Also, I especially like Adi Granov’s work on the story about the X Society.

What’s Not So Good: That these stories are of little consequence to the bigger picture and, ultimately irrelevant. I know Ghost Boxes is serving as filler while the main series gets caught up, but it wouldn’t have hurt to have something of substance within the storyline.

Conclusion: I can’t really recommend this book to anyone but the most hardcore fans. While it is fun seeing the other alternate universes, there is not enough substance or story to justify the $3.99 price tag.

Grade: C-

-Kyle Posluszny