By Craig Kyle & Christopher Yost (Writers), Mike Choi (Art), and Sonia Oback (Color Art)

The Story: As Warpath continues his journey to his brother’s grave, the rest of the X-Force team hunts down Vanisher in an effort to recover the lethal Legacy virus. It turns out that Vanisher is quite the wanted man, as the team finds that Domino is aiming for the exact same target.

What’s Good: While Clayton Crain’s dark, gritty work is a better fit for the series, there is no denying how nice this issue looks. The violent action flows well and the characters are well done (though a bit shiny). Mike Choi and Sonia Oback make a great team.

What’s also good is the return of Domino and the way the Legacy virus has been injected into the storyline. While I have my issues with how things are playing out, I am interested in finding out where things will go from here.

What’s Not So Good: Simply put, X-Force continues to be an extremely confusing series.  There is little information regarding where the storyline might fit into current continuity, and it seems as though the very concept of the team has been completely forgotten. Angel’s storyline is a complete mess, Warpath seems completely disconnected from the team at the moment, and for a “secret” team, there sure are a lot of people aware of what X-Force is doing.

A lot of stuff is happening in this series, but not enough of it is coming together all that well.

Conclusion: X-Force entertains and frustrates in equal measure. It has interesting ideas and attractive visuals, but really it’s making a mess of things from a continuity standpoint. Average at best.

Grade: C

-Kyle Posluszny