By Tim Seeley (Script & Story), Barry Keating (Story), Emily Stone (Art), and Matt Englert (Colors)

The Story: Cassie Hack finally gets a chance to speak with her long lost father face-to-face. Meanwhile, Dr. Herbert West (of Re-Animator fame) continues his experimentation with the body of the Lunch Lady, Cassie’s slasher mother.

What’s Good: Hack/Slash, as a series is at its best when dealing with what made the series a hit in the first place, namely slashers. I mention it because Hack/Slash #16 is definitely at its best when slashers figure into the dialogue or action. Tim Seeley and Barry Keating bring an interesting twist to the slasher formula by attempting to break down their very nature through the discussion between Cassie and her father concerning Mr. Hack’s former line of work.With the well-written guest appearance by Dr. West (I can almost hear Jeffrey Combs speaking his lines), this book serves as a very satisfying read for any horror fan.

What’s Not So Good: The fact that the issue as a whole is extremely hit or miss. The artwork suffers from a few odd angles and the same facial inconsistency that continues to plague the series. I enjoy Emily Stone’s work for the most part, but the same type of artwork snags continue to pop up. On the writing end, my biggest complaint is that Cassie’s reunion with her father falls a bit flat. It feels both rushed and incredibly generic, making it fall a bit short of packing the emotional punch needed to make it resonate with readers.

Conclusion: I was hoping for a bit more from this crossover as a whole, but I have to give credit for how well it is succeeding in advancing the overall plot of the series in a natural manner. There is some good stuff in this issue, and it only looks to get better. I just wish Dr. West functioned as more than just a plot device.

Grade: C+

-Kyle Posluszny