By Mike Mignola (Story & Art) and Dave Stewart (Colors)

The Story: Mike Mignola returns to the series he created with this creepy one-shot. In it, Hellboy investigates a chapel in Portugal that seems to be causing the strange behavior of an up-and-coming artist. As it turns out, the chapel has quite a dark history and ties to the Middle-Eastern god-monster, Moloch.

What’s Good: Pretty much everything. You really can’t ask for a whole lot more from a one-shot that proves to be as satisfying as this one. Long story short, Mike Mignola’s return to the Hellboy series manages to live up to all expectations. The atmospheric visuals and creepy, intelligent story make this one-shot one of the best reads of a very good month.

What’s Not So Good: Consider this a minor complaint, but it is worth noting that some of the action is a bit confusing due to the stylish nature of the artwork and the dark color palette used. At worst it is slightly distracting and really only an issue in a few panels.

Conclusion: Hellboy: In the Chapel of Moloch is quite simply, a great comic. I highly recommend it to fans of all types. Whether a new reader just looking for a good story, a casual fan, or a hardcore Hellboy follower, I can almost guarantee that you will find this one well worth the cash.

Grade: A

-Kyle Posluszny

A Second Opinion

Mike Mignola never ceases to amaze me. I think his use of mythology– and more importantly different mythologies, is what makes his stories unique. A lot of writers will pull from the bible, or something else mainstream. How many writers will pull Moloch outta the hat? Part of the reason he’s able to do that is the character of Hellboy and the world he’s created. I do agree with Kyle that parts of the book are hard to follow because of the art style. At the same time most of the people who read Hellboy expect this style and are prepared. Hellboy’s had some really good one-shots and mini-series lately. This book is no exception. Like those other stories, my only problem is that it ends. This is an excellent comic, with great appeal for new and old fans alike.

Grade: A

-Ben Berger