By Greg Pak & Fred Van Lente (Writers), Clayton Henry & Salva Espin (Artists), and Raul Travino (Colorist)

The Story: Namor and Hercules are at it toe-to-toe up until Namora informs the two men that they are on the same side for the time being. The three go off to investigate the disappearance of Poseidon and start the search by heading straight for the Amazonian queen, Hippolyta. Meanwhile, Amadeus Cho remains a willing captive of the Amazons as he tries to decipher an Atlantean tablet for Hippolyta.

What’s Good: The second chapter of the Love and War arc is notable for how well it brings together all the elements that make The Incredible Hercules so enjoyable as a series. The cartoonish visuals prove to be a perfect fit for scenarios that put the series’ trademark humor to good use. Simply put, the book is an entertaining package.

What’s Not So Good: For as fun as the storyline is, there is no denying that it lacks some of the weight found in other arcs. It proves to be quite disappointing in that respect simply because I have come to expect a bit more from the series. Also, it is worth noting that some people are probably going to be turned off by the visuals, especially when the darker elements of the storyline are introduced.

Conclusion: If you just want to be entertained, you really can’t go wrong with this one. That said, be sure to keep your expectations in check. This arc is not exactly a high point for the series.

Grade: C+

-Kyle Posluszny