By Brian Bendis (writer), David Lafuente (artist), John Rauch (colors)

What’s The Big Deal? This is the much anticipated issue where Peter and Mary Jane deal with sex – and maybe have it. But this plot mechanism is quickly undermined by the emergence of Mysterio and his clever bank heists. The police employs Spidey’s help and together they work to take down the master of illusions.

What’s Good? David Lafuente is not only a hell of a storyteller, but a master of action. The stuff we get early in the issue with Spider-Man dealing with a runaway car is dizzying and exciting. This guy’s one to look out for, though haters of Manga art may be turned off.

Brian Bendis’ script is tight, entertaining, and full of sincere moments. Oh, and Mary Jane in panties will have fanboys aroused.

What’s Not So Good? Lafuente’s rendition of Spider-Man looks too goofy and too young for my tastes. Then there’s Mysterio who looks too much like Chamber from Generation X (remember that book?).

The deflecting of the big story at hand and the real reason everyone bought this issue is also unsatisfying.

Conclusion: Mary Jane and Brian Bendis not only cockblock Peter, but the readers as well. Peter takes it like the good guy he is; our lovable loser gets another night of blue balls. A wasted opportunity!

Grade: B-

– J. Montes