By Joe Kelly (writer), Chris Bachalo (art), Mendoza, Tim Townsend and Al Vey (inks), Antonio Fabela (colors)

The Story: It’s Spidey versus Hammerhead, Round 2 – but not before Spider-Man takes a major beating and gets mugged by the two kids he’s been trying to save. Taking just hours to recover, Peter takes it upon himself to find the elusive kids and stop Hammerhead’s rampage before more people are killed.

What’s Good? There’s an ironic twist of fate that takes place later in the story with the kids, and it’s quite frankly, surprising! While Hammerhead may now be amped up as a supervillain, he’s still not a top tier adversary and his intelligence proves it. He’s a brute and brutes are not a match for a scientist under a spider suit. Joe Kelly deserves credit for at making him a formidable opponent until Peter can regroup.

The way Spider-Man finally deals with Hammerhead is all centered around the Peter’s smarts and the end result is a laugh out loud moment. Great stuff!

What’s Not So Good: Chris Bachalo’s storytelling is still a mess. Many times I had to scrutinize panels and pages – doing double takes – just to make sense of it all. And that’s never a good thing. The guy can draw some pretty pictures, but the expense the reader pays is a hefty one.

Conclusion: I’m a bit fatigued with Spider-Man dealing with inner-city children, but this little arc is actually fun and quite satisfying.

Grade: B+

– J. Montes