By James Robinson (story), Pere Perez (art), David Baron (colors)

The Story: Continued from the Superman’s Pal: Jimmy Olson special, this issue wraps up Jimmy’s transformation from photographer to bonafide journalist. Most of the story focuses on The Guardian as Olson presses him for information. Through a series of flashbacks and conversations it’s discovered that the government has been working on genetic experiments — weaponizing people and creatures in hopes of creating a being that can kill Superman!

The Good? For $2.99 you get a dense, rich mystery that slowly unfolds. It’s not an action packed story by any means, but it’s steady throughout, giving the reader well-placed breadcrumbs to follow as it progresses. And while the ending of this book acts more of a herald of things to come, it produces a satisfying conclusion that’ll have the reader wanting more. I give James Robinson props for not rushing the story and making the choice of dividing it up into two parts (rather than rushing to an abrupt ending).

The Not So Good? The misleading cover completely misrepresents this book; everything you see on the cover does NOT happen in this issue. And what’s up with the long title? Yes, it’s nice seeing the return of the Adventure Comics title, but the over use of buzz words (“special”, “featuring”) is retarded.

Conclusion: The art isn’t brilliant and you’re not going to see many (if any) punches thrown, but this book does what it needs to do: set up Superman’s future and reveal more of the government’s assassination plot against him. Oh yeah, and it’s well written, too.

Grade: A-

-J. Montes