By Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley (story), Bernie Wrightson (art)

The Story: Originally published as a graphic novel by Marvel Comics in 1983, this stunning combination of Mary Shelley’s gothic masterpiece and Wrightson’s acclaimed art celebrates its 25th anniversary with an oversized, hardcover edition from Dark Horse Comics. The story itself is a classic and well known to all, recounting Victor Frankenstein’s obsessive quest to reanimate life and construct a new man from the pieces of corpses obtained from graveyards. With no consideration for the ramifications of the events he’s set in motion, Victor brings his experiment to life, but at a terrible cost.

The Good? The production value that went into this book is outstanding. Similar in appearance and style to Dark Horse’s equally excellent Hellboy hardcover editions, this book is published in a larger format to better showcase the full forty-seven pages of illustrations Wrightson created. Presented in black and white, Wrightson’s work serves as beautiful, haunting reminders of why he is one of the most powerful artists in the industry.

The Not So Good? While the production value on this book is well worth a look, its $30 price tag may have you reconsidering; especially when you can find the story for free online and download it off iTunes for 99 cents. If you’ve ever had trouble deciding whether or not to double dip on a DVD you own in order to upgrade to a better edition, you’ll have that problem here.

Conclusion: If you can justify spending the extra money for a story you may already own, this is an absolutely gorgeous hardcover to have on your bookshelf. Not to be missed!

Grade: A-

-Tony Rakittke