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X-Men/Spider-Man #1 – Review

By Christos Gage (writer) and Mario Alberti (art)

The story: Kraven the Hunter makes an appearance on national television and claims that Spider-Man is a mutant menace. Concerned for Spider-Man’s welfare, the X-Men track Peter Parker to a local hangout for teenagers, where they are promptly attacked by Kraven and the Blob. After a brief scuffle, Kraven flees the scene only to reveal that he outed Spider-man as a mutant in order to draw out the X-Men and steal their DNA for Mr. Sinister.

What’s Good: All in all this is a pretty good issue for nostalgia buffs. It’s nice to see the founding members of the X-Men together again without the baggage of  recent continuity. It is also good to see Kraven once again since I’ve always felt that he was one of the better Spidey villians. I’m not at all familiar with Mario Alberti’s work, but he seems to be a very competent artist. His version of the Blob was gloriously obese and disgusting, great stuff.

What’s not so good: Whilst I feel that the issue is pretty solid all around, I had to ask myself if it was really necessary. I’m pretty sure that this story could have been told in the pages of X-Men: First Class, saving me the trouble of having to add yet another comic to my pull list.

Conclusion: This is a pretty decent comic at the end of the day. I’m interested in finding out if  the theft of the X-Men’s DNA has any impact on current continuity. I kind of doubt it, but it would make this series all the more worthwhile. Not essential but well worth adding to your collection, if you can afford the cost of yet another comic book.

Grade: B

-Conrad Flanigan

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