By Fred Van Lente, Kev Walker, Jean-Francois Beaulieu

The Story: Machine Man and Jocasta enter the Marvel Zombie Universe in an attempt to find a cure for the zombie manifestation. Here, they tackle what’s left of the zombie populace in the New York area while discovering a lone survivor who’s been kept alive (and well) by no other than Wilson Fisk!

28 Days Later: The story is definitely getting better. It’s not the silly over-the-top madness that was Robert Kirkman’s epic, but there’s some genuine weight put into the storyline (no pun intended) when we find out why The Kingpin’s got his lackeys running around for edible food (cat food, no less). The cultivation of humans as food is also a nice plot twist – not to mention, disturbing. Lastly, the emphasis on the villains is a nice touch – something we didn’t see a lot of in the previous series.

Resident Evil 2: With eight hours given to find a human specimen, these two robots sure spend a lot of time bickering about robotic nonsense. Machine Man’s idiotic move to pick a fight at the end of the issue is not only illogical, but completely unnecessary as well. The logic that a human from the Zombie Universe carries the cure rather than a human from the Marvel 616 Universe sounds a bit silly.

Conclusion: Yes, this story’s improving but it’s hampered with stupid decisions and annoying diatribes. If Fred Van Lente’s trying to make me hate Machine Man, he’s succeeding. And what’s going on with Morbius? Other than being briefly mentioned his plotline isn’t even touched upon in this issue.

Grade: C+

– J. Montes