By Robert Kirkman (story), Charlie Adlard (art), Cliff Rathburn (colors)

The Story: The secret to the zombie manifestation is revealed at last!

Well, sorta.

With the arrival of the “strangers” at the farm, Rick and his company must now make the decision to either trust these people and follow them to Washington D.C. or stay put. And while it has been eluded to before we learn more about how the zombies behave and congregate.

The Good? This book is filled with a little bit of everything that makes Walking Dead such a great series. We get a good zombie slaughtering, lots of argumentative dialogue, and some great character moments between Rick and Carl. And finally — some answers as to how this whole mess started! Charlie Adlard is in a groove, drumming up perfect pacing throughout and hitting the emotional beat that Robert Kirkman supplies on queue. Both these guys really pull the emotional punches when Abraham unleashes his rage on his zombie attackers.

The Not So Good? The answers we get open up a whole new can of worms! Arggghh!

Conclusion: It’s not a key issue, but it’s one that works effortlessly on all levels. The creative team is in top form here, moving the series into new ground.

Grade: A

– J. Montes