By Peter Tomasi (story), Patrick Gleason (art), Rebecca Buchman (inks), Randy Mayor (colors)

The Story: In part two of the “Sins of the Star Sapphire” story, an envoy of Guardians journeys to the planet Zamaron to convince Queen Aga’po to stop harnessing the violet light, fearing further proliferation of the emotional light spectrum will advance the “Blackest Night” prophecy that they are struggling to prevent. As diplomatic tensions between the Guardians and Queen Aga’po grow strained, the Lanterns are horrified to discover that the Zamorans have been trying to rehabilitate captured Sinestro Corps members by brainwashing them with love.

The Good: I never would have expected Green Lantern to be the book to get me reading DC again, but I have to credit the “Sinestro Corps War” for being such an awesome story, and I can honestly say I’m really looking forward to following this straight through to “The Blackest Night” next summer. The Green Lantern titles are greatly benefiting from the mythos of an emotional spectrum of light that Geoff Johns has developed, and part of the fun in reading these books is being introduced to a new Corps and observing how their powers and philosophies clash with those of the Lanterns.

The Not So Good: Unfortunately, issues like this one are slow and unspectacular since it’s being written as one small part in a larger story. That’s fine for the graphic novel collection, but when I walk into my local comic shop I want to find stories that can entertain me right then and there, not ones I have to wait to be collected to enjoy.

Conclusion: Faithful fans of the larger story will enjoy this issue as it continues to advance the plot, but I suspect the casual reader will probably feel like they’ve walked in on the middle of the conversation, and would be better off finding more entertaining comics to spend their money on.

Grade: C-

-Tony Rakittke