By Alex Ross (art & story) and Alex Sinclair (colors)

The Story: While the Superman from the “Kingdom Come” Earth has been in the regular DC Universe for sometime now, he still can’t shake the ghosts of his past life nor the paranoia that burns inside him. These feelings finally motivate him to seek out his current Earth’s Norman McKay (the old man from Kingdom Come who prophecized the catastrophe), in hopes of finding some answers and perhaps some closure.

What’s Good? I was really weary of Alex Ross’ writing ability. I’ve never read anything he’s done by himself — he’s always had Jim Krueger around to help out and those results have been mixed. That said, I’m completely flabbergasted with the work done here. Ross not only knows how to draw the definitive Superman, but write him as well. Granted, this is the Kingdom Come version of Superman, but nontheless, I think it’s safe to say what Ross writes faithfully carries forward the brilliant story (and character) Mark Waid wrote more than a decade ago.

As for the art, well, Ross once again proves why he’s the master. In a time where many artists rely heavily on photo referenced material none of them manage to convey the splendor of Ross’ visuals. Every panel is painstakingly layered with pencils, inks, grey tones, and color; Alex Sinclair gets a lot of credit for aping Ross’ painted style to perfection. If god is in the details, then this book is heaven. The sheer amount of detail put into the backgrounds and characters is mind-blowing.

What’s Not So Good? It’s only a one-shot.

Conclusion: This is well worth you $3.99 if not more. This is easily one of the best comics produced this year or any year. With people like Geoff Johns, Gary Frank, Grant Morrison, Frank Quitely, James Robinson, and now Alex Ross surrounding him, Superman as a character hasn’t had it this good in decades.

Grade: A+

– J. Montes