By Geoff Johns (Writer), Pete Woods (Artist), Brad Anderson (Colorist), and Rob Leigh (Letterer)

Picking up from the end of Superman #681, Part 4 of New Krypton follows as a mild entertaining read that will leave fans with another “WTF moment,” and wishing for more Kryptonians vs. Doomsday action. In this issue, readers will find a lot of the signature good Geoff Johns writing; lots of subtext, and dialogue that’s solid and fast. It works well within the story, especially in exploring General Lane and Luthor. Johns’ writing shines as he provides readers some interesting character development, where the common hate that General Lane and Luthor share towards Superman and the Kryptonians are examined. Furthermore, it’s also fascinating to see Lane portrayed as the misguided patriot, and Luthor as the sadistic egomanaic. However, aside from the good character study in this issue, there are some situations that I wish was done better.

First and foremost, I would have liked to seen the battle between the Kryptonians and Doomsday executed more brutally and more excitedly. The battle in this issue is spread out throughout the book between two Kryptonians’ critiquing humanity, and the exchange between General Lane and Luthor; constantly interrupting the action and never really allowing it to take off. Perhaps with Gary Frank on board, each scene would’ve been done better and had us turning the next pages eagerly to get back to the fight. My second gripe with this issue is the “WTF moment” in the end. Except it’s not really supposed to be a moment to be excited about since the appearance of Nightwing and Flamebird were indicated on the cover, camouflaged with the other ridiculous-looking Kryptonians. I honestly don’t see what the fuss is with the emergence of these characters. I guess we’re finally going to learn more about these two, other than we finally see who Dick Grayson gets his name from and this time Flamebird isn’t Jimmy Olson or some female. With an unexciting battle sequence and the introduction of familiar characters that no one could’ve probably wished for, Action Comics #871 is as good as filler for the TPB.

Grade: B-

-Raymond Hilario