By Ryan Schifrin (Creator), Larry Hama (Writer), Adam Archer (Pencils), and Tony Avina (Colors)

spooks3Some Thoughts Before The Review: This series has been really hit or miss so far. It has some good, fun ideas and a nice action-horror vibe, but it has yet to come together in a successful way. Maybe things will start to pick up as the opening arc makes it’s way toward a conclusion.

The Story: The SPOOKS team, in pursuit of Lilithu, heads to Romania in an attempt to bring the ancient demon’s quest for power to an end. Once there, the SPOOKS fight some obsessed cultists, exchange witty banter, cause lots of destruction, and inch closer to their target. In other words, the newest issue of SPOOKS: Omega Team is a lot like the first few.

What’s Good: That this book gives you more of the same. If you like what the series has offered up so far, then you will almost certainly enjoy this issue as well. The action is mostly well done, the banter is somewhat amusing, and the gore doesn’t disappoint.

What’s Not So Good: That this book gives you more of the same. Simply put, this series is already dangerously close to becoming utterly forgettable. The action is starting to feel tired, reading the banter is almost a painful experience at times, and the characters lack the substance necessary to make for a memorable monster fighting team.

Conclusion: SPOOKS: Omega Team #3 will prove to be either a deal maker or a deal breaker. More of the same may work for some people, but this reviewer was hoping for much more from the series at this point. It’s disappointing to see something with so much potential become boring so quickly.

Grade: C-

-Kyle Posluszny