By Ron Marz (Writer), Stjepan Sejic (Art), and Phil Hester (Art)

bt3_cov_ssSome Thoughts Before The Review: In a market crowded by event books, I have found myself pleasantly surprised by Top Cow’s Broken Trinity crossover. It has proven that an epic, satisfying crossover event can be told in under six months and without dozens of tie-ins. That said, after reading Broken Trinity #2, I couldn’t help but feel that the story would have been better told in four parts as opposed to three. Everything about chapter two felt rushed, so I come into the “fatal conclusion” with my expectations a bit lower than they were, following the excellent Broken Trinity #1.

The Story: As it says on the cover, Broken Trinity #3 is all about bringing the Top Cow crossover to a “fatal conclusion.” The stakes have never been higher as the Witchblade bearer, the Darkness host, the Angelus, and the two new artifact bearers (Finn and Glori) battle it out in New York City. And for those of you wondering, the story actually makes good on the tagline’s promise, as a major player in the Top Cow universe is killed in this issue.

What’s Good: Broken Trinity #3 delivers in pretty much every way; especially with an action-packed conclusion to a crossover event. The artwork by Stjepan Sejic and Phil Hester is extremely impressive throughout the book and at times, simply stunning. It adds a weight and intensity to Ron Marz’s epic clash of powers. As for the story, it proves to be both a fitting conclusion and an interesting launching point for the future of the Top Cow universe.

What’s Not So Good: The nagging feeling that the event should have one more chapter never truly went away while reading it’s conclusion. There is a ton of information crammed in between all the fighting, and I can’t help but feel it could have been introduced in another way. Also, it is worth mentioning that it is clear which scenes gained the lion’s share of the artistic attention, an unfortunate trend in Stjepan Sejic’s work. That said, I can nearly forgive that complaint entirely, since even at its worst, the art is quite a bit more visually pleasing than almost anything else on the stands.

Conclusion: Consider this a must read if you have any interest at all in the future of the Top Cow universe. The battle is epic, the conclusion is indeed fatal, and the future is shown to be loaded with potential.

Grade: B+

-Kyle Posluszny