By Mark Waid (story), Marcos Martin (art), Javier Rodriguez (colors)

The Story: It’s Peter’s lucky day! Well, that’s what the fortune cookie says anyway. What starts off as an usually good day for Peter ends up going tragically wrong when the subway train he’s riding in crashes. As Spidey races to save the lives of those around him the tunnel begins to collapse.

What’s Good? The returning Marcos Martin once again puts on an artistic clinic, deftly showing off his technical and brilliant storytelling skills. The page with multiple images of Peter acrobatically navigating through the subway and the splash page of The Shocker and Spider-Man grappling in a narrow tunnel are utterly jaw-dropping.

What’s more, Mark Waid provides a fast-paced, fun script that will silence even the most jaded Spider-Man fan. From the hilarious run-in with a model to the interesting character reveal at the end, this book entertains on all levels.

What’s Not So Good? Not a damn thing.

Conclusion: Mark Waid’s Venom back-up story from a few issues ago was pretty decent. Here, we finally get to see what he’s capable of with full script; his presence on this book is highly rewarding. Marcos Martin is a hell of a storyteller and his visuals captivate throughout. He honestly deserves all the accolades he’s been given. This is classic Spider-Man storytelling at its finest and that cover is the perfect, iconic homage to Steve Ditko.

Grade: A

– J. Montes