By Eric Powell (story and art), Dave Stewart (colors)

The Story: As Goon’s battle with the Labrazio and the Lonely Street gang rages on, the Buzzard continues his mission to discover the secret to destroying Labrazio, but is betrayed by the Priest.  Meanwhile, Franky is challenged with a moral dilemma that has nothing to do with a knife to the eye…yet.

The Good: Ever since the release of the original graphic novel Chinatown, The Goon has matured and evolved into a more dramatic, thoughtful story; and although I first resented that change, much preferring the blatanly tongue-in-cheek humor, I have since found myself thoroughly drawn into Eric Powell’s new direction on the book.  What I love most about this title is how Powell is able to draw from so many influences and weave them into such consistently entertaining stories.

The Not So Good: Also around the time Chinatown was released, and maybe even a little before then, I noticed a significant change in the style of Powell’s art that unfortunately, has never quite agreed with me.  While Powell’s early issues were more illustrative of a typical comic book, his art now has a subdued, streamlined look that seems to want to highlight Dave Stewart’s washed out, sepia toned colors.  In hindsight, I actually think the art and color better compliments the dramatic tone of the story, but there is still a dreary look about it that I’ve never enjoyed.

Conclusion: Month after month, this is one of the few titles that I most look forward to. The Goon continues to impress with its deft mix of sly humor, drama, and horror.  This is really great storytelling, and a perfect example of why we need to see more creator-owned titles being published and supported.

Grade: B+

-Tony Rakittke