By Daniel Way (Writer), Carlo Barberi & Paco Medina (Pencils), Juan Vlasco (Inker), and Marte Gracia & Raul Trevino (Colorists)

Some Thoughts Before The Review: Fresh off an incredibly entertaining Secret Invasion launching point, Deadpool #4 marks the true test of whether or not the “merc with a mouth,” has the power to carry his own solo series. In my opinion, if the work done by the creative team for the Secret Invasion tie-in is any indication, Wade Wilson is in good hands. He should have no problem having a successful (and lengthy) run.

The Story: Since Deadpool’s last two jobs proved to be busts, he finds himself in need of cash and looking for work. This leads him to see Zeke, an old acquaintance that specializes in the type of work Deadpool is looking for. The job offer? A million dollars to investigate a zombie holed up in a castle that may have done something to Zeke’s wife.

What’s Good: Nearly everything (as long as you aren’t looking for something deep or serious that is). The artwork is vibrant, full of life, and incredibly well suited for the material. As for the story, it is a nice mix of silly and sinister that plays to the character’s strengths. And the writing? Entertaining as can be. Daniel Way knows how to serve up the funny in a variety of ways. Dry humor and sly remarks? Check. Wacky, totally silly randomness? Check. Off the wall situations? Check. I promise that the book will make you laugh at some point; and that definitely counts for something when so many comics these days aim for dead seriousness. Also worth noting is how Way gives Deadpool depth through a few surprisingly revealing comments. He doesn’t beat you over the head with it, yet it makes Wade an even more likable character overall.

What’s Not So Good: Very little. My only real complaint, a minor one, is that it seems as though Way is employing the “throw everything and see what sticks” approach to the humor. While it is sure to make everyone laugh at some point, it feels like a bit much when the shtick falls flat.

Conclusion: Deadpool #4 goes a long way in proving that the series is under control and in capable hands. The writing, artwork, and storyline all come together to form one of the most entertaining packages that Marvel offers.

Grade: A-

-Kyle Posluszny