By Sterling Gates (story), Jamal Igle (pencils), Keith Champagne (inks), Nei Ruffino (colors)

This book is somewhat of a mixed bag for me. I’m digging its new direction and how Sterling Gates is making it all fit more closely into Superman continuity, but the art seems aloof at times. More specifically, the facial expressions seem bloated and almost too exaggerated… and it’s grating. I mean, that cross-eyed Supergirl splash page just doesn’t look right. Other than that, I like the layout choices and the broad ink strokes used by inker Keith Champagne.

If you’ve been wanting an excuse to jump into Supergirl, this is the perfect issue. We get an updated “Secret Origin” (ala Green Lantern, but much, much shorter), plus a reveal involving her exposure to Kryptonite. It’s a great package that’s neatly tied into the current Superman mythos and reimaging by Geoff Johns.

Grade: B

– J. Montes